This segment is intended to implement the activities of creation and administration of documents necessary for monitoring the work in the field.
Includes the Web of all forms and data and WAP where part only available field evidence.

WEB page
Work Order through the link gets a list of all orders that are obuhvaćenii given period. In addition to the period it is possible to specify other parameters that limit the filter list.

WEB page

WAP page

Image Web page, display the form to create a new work order. On the form of the observed data to be filled when creating a work order and information that can fill the field through the WAP portal (Figure WAP pages). Automated system after it is created and activated (active status) work order is sent an SMS message to mogbilni phone service providers. Also, if the admissions control is activated, just send an SMS warning of breach is initiated by sending SMS messages on the phone to SMS alert to hear that there has been exceeding the final date of execution.

Data from the WAP segments can be filled on this form through the web browser on your computer.

WAP access

This channel is for access to field workers and data display is adapted to work on slow GPRS vezama.Potrebno to have a cell phone with internet display or PDA. For a contest for access to the portal www.observer.rs there is a link to a WAP display.

After logging, the employee has a list of points you protected account and click on the number of accounts opened contents as above (WAP pages) picture.
Save and through links Back to registered and return to your entry or termination.


Command Description of Works opens a new page with a text field for text and command unos.Unosom View, can contain unlimited number of descriptions of works that are seen in the text as paragraphs.




This is how a completed oreder to a WAP page looks like.

One of the report: The work order per person in a given period