Manager tools


Manager Tools is a set of manual commands being in a function of evidencing of events over the computer. All types of activities, the activities on a Corridor (In, Out) and practically unlimited number of user-defined types of activities a re enabled to be evidenced this way. Besides, you will manually be making any changes and evidencing of all-day-absences and yearly vacations of employees, since these events can not be registered by Corridor.
In order to make the tools be available, it is necessary for you to choose a certain employee over his Selector field.

All-day absence


Select an employee you wish to register his all-dayabsence for. By activation of tool Absences, a window will appear displaying all registered absences of that employee up to this moment.
Enter a beginning and ending date of an absence in the
fields From and By. Then, from the menu Type of Absence, select a type of all-day-absence you wish.



Registration of vacations


Select an employee you wish to register his vacation for. By activation of tool Vacations, a window will appear displaying all registered vacations of that employee up to this moment.
Registration Period > enter a beginning and ending date of the employee’s vacation. Then, from the menu Type of Vacation select the type of vacation you wish.



Home duty registration


Home Duty is a category used to evidencing and registering of the time an employee did not spend at work, but was available to his Company during that period. There is a difference between home duty and all-day-absence. In the event of home duty, an employee is approved to have both his home duty and his activities on the Corridor evidenced in the same day. All-dayabsences do not have this characteristic.

By activation of the option Home Duties, a window will appear displaying a ll registered home duties of the employee up to this moment.
In the frame of the menu Type of Presence, select a type of presence the employee will be recognized his home duty by.
Number of hours > is a number of hours an employee spent during his home duty.


Time-off request sheet


Although time-off request sheet presents manual registration, due to its importance it is considered as an individual category. A Time-off request sheet enables unlimited number of O-I couples within the interval of its validity.

By activation of the option Time-off request sheet, you are provided the list of Time -off request sheets realized up to this moment. If there is no Time -off request sheet, the list will be empty.
From and By > denote the date and interval of validity of Time-off request sheet .
Note > is description of the reason for Time-off request sheet approval.
Type of going out > is a control option enabling you to select a type of Time-off request sheet. In Daily Review, the activity OUT will be converted into the selected type. This way you can measure a required category of presence (field, private, official, etc).
A mark for going out is an abbreviation of the term Type of going out
Automatic closing of the day > Once activated, this option means that an employee does not need to come to the Company by the time appointed under By:. The period of presence, in this event, will also be accounted as appointed on the Time-off request sheet .

Exceptions of work scheduling


During the time you are using this system, after the calendars are assigned to the employees, it’s quite possible to happen that some of the employees must recede from it. In that event, you should not make any changes within the contents of his work-calendar, nor to assign him the new one and then turn him back the previous one, afterwards. Instead of that you can just define the exception of work schedule to that employee. In other words, you can, for some date, assign him a work schedule different from his due calendar

Type of day > Select from the menu a work sche dule valid for inputted date.
Overtime Authorization > If an overtime is approved for this date, please activate this option (check little square) and select a
model of overtime.
Type > If you activate the option Overtime Approval, it will become active. Then choose one out of three possible models of