Create up to 250 group (zone) approach with 16 subgroups within a group. When defining the groups and subgroups, will be taken of the needs of workers passing through certain zones, and the number of policies that can be assigned to the card (max 6).

The application gateway is designed as a simple form of management permits passing polisama.Unosom the field to filter the letters or numbers is the automated search lists the card (holder) who is assigned to some of the policies.

Comands New and Change

Verification is done with a piece of Changes and Cancel option if you do not want to change the content of policies.
New pieces will open a blank form, and the operator is required to burn the card and hub
run the card read. For the selected tab to define one or more policies and then choose the OK button to perform the registration of all policies in one action. If you do not want to save the changes and play prtisni Cancel.

Blacklist a list of cards that has been barred by any of the Corridor. Serve that if izgubljne same card can be used in the system.

Reset resets all policies and passes the selected prinetoj card. If you are selected and positioned closely card does not match the operation of reset will be rejected.

Printprinting filtered lists cards that are assigned to the policy.

Exporta presentation given to policies in TXT (CSV) file.

Keyserves to define the secret key as a common security parameter between the card and associated lock (Corridor). The scope of the secret number is 2 bytes (0 65535) and entry forms Hex is done through the administration menu device Corridor.